nNews Application



This application is a freeware nzb binary newsgroup reader application available on Windows 7 up to Windows 10, 64 bit and MacOS.

Newsgroup account

nNews requires a newsgroup account.

You may subscribe to newshosting if you don't have one yet, they are reliable and cost effective newsgroup provider.

Here is also a list of decent newsgroup provider including price offers and provided services.


  • Multiple connections to newsgroup server.

  • Repair and unzip downloaded nzbs.

  • Only download extra par2 if repair needed.

  • Resume downloads at the restart.

  • Process small nzb files first.

  • Recursive nzb files download.


On Windows install downloaded msi. On MacOS unzip the app. Then launch nNews application.

If you run into the Windows dialog 'Windows protected your PC' then click on 'More info' and 'Run anyway', more on this here.

Same thing on Macos you will need to enable 3rd part app, see here.

Launch nNews, the configuration screen is popped up at first startup.
Once configuration is done press Test button then Submit. To download nzb just drag and drop nzb file or use menu 'File / Add nzb'.

If you wish to uninstall go to 'add remove programs' Windows control panel and click unistall. Download directory is to be manually removed though. Also config files .nnews and .nnewsstate located in home directory won't be automatically deleted.


Other versions

Other versions (Linux, Windows 32 bit) available here