nNews Application


Unfortunatly there are no free of charge newsgroup providers that provide decent binary newsgroup access.

But here is a compiled list of newsgroup servers with good reputation and affordable price.

All these newgroup providers feature ssl access, more than 7 years content retention and wide selection of binaries newsgroups.

1. Newshosting

Vpn included, unlimited downloads, free trial, $8.33 / month.

2. Usenetserver

The cheapest unlimited offer. Unlimited downloads, free trial, $7.95 / month.

3. Giganews

Premium service newsgroup access, probably the best choice if you can afford it. Vpn included, unlimited downloads, special promotion $10.99 for the first month with this link.

4. Supernews

Another premium service newsgroup access. Unlimited downloads, also special promotion only $6,18 / month during a year with this link.

5. Pureusenet

European based, vpn included, unlimited downloads, free trial, 6.63€ / month.

6. Easynews

Works in web browser, $9.99 / month.

7. Xlned

European based, limited offers starting from 2.24€ / month.